November 2023.

Driven by her dedication to bringing about positive change in her community, Brizelda Titus, a local social worker, has been a beacon of hope in the Gamagara community having positively impacted the lives of hundreds of children.

With support from REISA Solar, Brizelda has now taken her passion for community development to establish her own social support business, Boipelo Resources, which continues to address the social emotional and behavioural barriers to learning, helping to ensure a conducive environment for learning and development.

“Emotional well-being often remains a neglected aspect of our lives. As a company, our mission is to reshape the narrative around emotions, portraying them not as weaknesses but as strengths that pave the way for personal growth and self-improvement. By addressing mental health issues, we aim to contribute to better communities and a healthier workforce,” said Brizelda.

As a beneficiary of REISA Solar’s SMME programme since 2021, Brizelda has shown dedication and passion for creating healthier communities and boosting the local economy. Established in 2020, the company initially served five schools and has since grown to cover 17 schools, employing a team of 11 professionals.

“As advocates for sustainable community development, we are proud to support Brizelda and Boipelo Resources. Her unwavering commitment to social support services aligns seamlessly with our vision for positive change. Through the SMME Programme, we aim to not only empower entrepreneurs like Brizelda but also contribute to the creation of healthier, more resilient communities,” stated Shariefa Rhode, Community Operations Manager for REISA Solar.

REISA Solar, through grant funding, has played a crucial role in Boipelo Resources’ success. The support provided has facilitated the establishment of a fully equipped office, complete with necessary furniture and branding, allowing Brizelda to focus on her mission of making a positive impact.

“Being part of the REISA Solar SMME programme has boosted my self-confidence, given me insight into strategic planning, and enhanced my financial management abilities. I am immensely grateful for the unwavering support from REISA, their belief in my capabilities has been my driving force during challenging times,” expressed Brizelda.

Looking ahead, Boipelo Resources aims to expand its impact, create more jobs, and establish a skills development facility. Brizelda envisions a society where learners can focus on their education without the burden of running households. The company aims to foster strong parent-child relationships and collaborate with local service providers to address social challenges.

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